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Name:Rory McCallum
Birthdate:Aug 27
Location:Cork, Cork, Ireland
Rory McCallum is the seventh son and second youngest of thirteen children of the McCallum family. The McCallums are an old Eire family dating back to before Eire existed and descended from the Morrigan. His family has been in the monster hunting and fighting business since pretty much they've been around.

He's a mechanic, layabout good for nothing, overly cocky and a professional sniper, supernaturally lucky and a hero. He is definitely one of those people you want on your side during a fight.

And not against you during a fight.

Rory has two magical abilities: he's Lucky because he's a seventh son. This means that he's able to do something that he really shouldn't be able to pull off. He uses this as a sniper to get those shots that no one really should be able to get. The lucky shots. It's an entirely passive ability and he can't turn it off. The other is essentially Hero's Luck. That is the hero's ability to get under the door just before it slams shut, find the weak spot in the monster just before it kills him. This ability is also passive, but slightly more situational. It only really works to its fullest when he's protecting people. When he's being a hero. It will probably get him killed some day. Other than that Rory has a healthy knowledge of monsters and magical creatures, military procedures and basic rituals, usually those involving wards.

If someone asks him for help he will give it to them.

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